Custom Serta Bed Mattress

We’ll make the world’s best mattress, said Serta mattress manufacturers some 70 years ago. Through the decades Serta mattress makers never tired of pouring precious time and resources to innovation, service and quality. Thus, they have become one of the best mattress producers in the US and in the world.

Serta mattress manufacturers introduced the key to mattress comfort, and that is the tuftless inner spring mattress design, the first in the history of mattress making. Serta mattress manufacturers have tagged it the Perfect sleeper for its unique features in constantly being in shape to support the sleeper’s body position, weight, and motions.

The Serta mattress company has always believed in investing time, effort, and precious resources into innovations and the continued search for new mattress technology to introduce to the market. It especially concerns itself with innovations on durability and comfort. Here are some Serta mattress breakthroughs in the years past:

Serta mattress introduced in 2005 the so-called Perfect Day Line of mattress types custom-designed for busy working women and mothers. In the same year Serta mattress also standardized the safety feature of its FireBlocker, applying it to all Serta mattress and sleep kits. Along with this feature, the visco foam bedding line was introduced, referred as International Touch, in conjunction with the FireBlocker.

Mattresses that can withstand burning by open flame? Mattresses are known to be fire hazards because of their property of easily getting burned. But Serta mattress design solved al that. Now, mattresses can even be directly exposed to fire and be safe with innovated Serta mattress products. In fact, it was the first to introduce such feature in the US in 2003.

Serta mattress makers were also the first to offer the Perfect Night mattress that has: a special inner spring feature that follows the contour of the human body and applies 63 percent of needed support accordingly, a temperature-regulating feature that adjusts Serta mattress temperature to the prevailing temperature, and a wood frame that has 4 times the durability of ordinary bed frames.

Serta mattress may also come with Comfort Quilts. This quilt is a network of fibers and complex foams inserted in the mattress. The effect is good circulation that lessens the tendency of the sleeper to turn and toss about on bed. Eggcrate foams were also first introduced as mattress upholstery material by the Serta mattress company in the 1980s.

Product innovations through continuing research is a given in any industry endeavor. Serta mattress manufacturers know this well.

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