Body Transformation: Giving My Body Justice!

My name is Christopher Papas. I’m from New Jersey living in Myrtle Beach. I work at an animal hospital, and recently got into meal prepping for bodybuilders and bikini models with my friend. I am going to school for criminal justice.

I was a quiet and shy kid. I always kept to myself and didn’t make many friends. Once I started middle school my only friends were my cousins. I would eat by myself and walk home by myself. Sure enough because I was always alone I started to get picked on. People would make fun of the way I looked, kids on the bus driving past me when I would walk home would either spit on me or throw things at me. My grades started to suffer because my depression led to me always play video games. I would spend anywhere between 6-12 hours a day playing games. Needless to say, my figure suffered.

The day I found out I was moving to Myrtle Beach was the day I wanted to change. A new start for me. Of course I didn’t start working out right away but I tried to make friends. 3 years before I even considered the gym but that was for football practice. I ended up quitting that because I couldn’t keep up. My confidence and my self-esteem was very low. After 3 years, I decided to try to hit the gym with a few of my friends. We started just to say we workout. But once I started seeing results, I got addicted. Working out become my safe haven. The gym has completely changed me. From being the quiet, shy and embarrassed kid, I am now outgoing and loving the body I worked so hard for. I even just recently got my personal training certification so I can help people become more confident and help them reach their goals.

At first I didn’t diet at all. I just ate what I want, then I realized the importance of it. Now I usually have either oatmeal or egg whites for breakfast, a banana or brown rice and tuna for lunch, and protein shake and chicken breast for dinner. The only supplement I take is pre-workout and I’m currently on Razor 8. My exercise routine by day is chest and tris, back and bis, legs, shoulders, cardio and abs, just chest, just back, just arms, shoulders, legs, and then cardio and abs again. Then repeat. It’s an 11-day cycle.

This is definitely just the beginning! In the future, I see myself helping people not only to improve their physique but also help them become a better person. I want to be an inspiration and motivate people to always try their best. I also want to see myself on a cover of a fitness magazine and I want to compete! I want to accomplish so much but I know it’ll all take time. I know I’ll get there one day.