Appetite Suppressant Water

Some people try to hard to lose weight and appetite suppresant water,appetite suppressant water pills and water additives may help. They sometimes try several diets at once, creating a situation where they actually gain weight. They may exercise too much, creating a situation better dealt with by the emergency room rather than the weight room. This is not to say that a good diet and some exercise are bad for you, in fact it is heavily advised for anyone looking to lose weight, but that there may be a surprising ally in water and appetite suppressant foods.

Can water help you lose weight?

As an appetite suppressant water has a lot going for it. Water is something that you should be drinking a lot of anyway; eight glasses of water is almost required for normal people. If you do a lot of exercise, you may want to drink more, and possibly add some salt to it to replace lost salt.

Although other drinks may be substituted, water should always be the default. However, like every other liquid one can drink there are a number of pluses and minuses. It is just a matter of debating if those work for you and your weight loss program.

Although it works great as an appetite suppressant water does have one issue to be wary of: too much. It is possible to reach toxic levels of water in a system; once the level goes past a certain point, the body starts shutting down and coma and death become possibilities. However, it takes some serious work to reach that point, and is unlikely to even be an issue for most people. If you use any of the vegetable soup or purification diets, you may be in danger of water toxicity, but as long as you watch how much water you drink you should be okay.

So how does water help with weight loss?

Timing is everything with water weight loss. Drinking it with a meal actually tends to allow you to eat more, increasing your caloric intake. However, drinking a large glass ten minutes before a meal actually decreases the caloric intake by 75 to 90 calories. (In order to determine how many calories you need a day, assuming an active lifestyle, multiple your target weight by 15 to determine the number of calories you need daily.) As an appetite suppressant water can be very effective; a glass before eating can suppress the need to eat completely, making it very effective as a way to control your appetite.

Another option is to drink ionized water. For those that do not have access to a water ionizer, combining 1.5 liters with the juice in half a lemon for the same effect; just forget the sugar and you will be okay. Green tea is another good appetite suppressant, if you need a good substitute for water. Nonetheless, as an appetite suppressant water has a lot to recommend it, as it is easy to keep around, and can be ionized quickly if so desired. Thus a drink of water before a meal can be a great thing, and keeps you healthy all day as well.

Some other appetite suppressant water available are dexatrim water,hoodia water and hydroxycut water. We will try and add some reviews of these products in the future.