Custom Serta Bed Mattress

We’ll make the world’s best mattress, said Serta mattress manufacturers some 70 years ago. Through the decades Serta mattress makers never tired of pouring precious time and resources to innovation, service and quality. Thus, they have become one of the best mattress producers in the US and in the world.

Serta mattress manufacturers introduced the key to mattress comfort, and that is the tuftless inner spring mattress design, the first in the history of mattress making. Serta mattress manufacturers have tagged it the Perfect sleeper for its unique features in constantly being in shape to support the sleeper’s body position, weight, and motions.

The Serta mattress company has always believed in investing time, effort, and precious resources into innovations and the continued search for new mattress technology to introduce to the market. It especially concerns itself with innovations on durability and comfort. Here are some Serta mattress breakthroughs in the years past:

Serta mattress introduced in 2005 the so-called Perfect Day Line of mattress types custom-designed for busy working women and mothers. In the same year Serta mattress also standardized the safety feature of its FireBlocker, applying it to all Serta mattress and sleep kits. Along with this feature, the visco foam bedding line was introduced, referred as International Touch, in conjunction with the FireBlocker.

Mattresses that can withstand burning by open flame? Mattresses are known to be fire hazards because of their property of easily getting burned. But Serta mattress design solved al that. Now, mattresses can even be directly exposed to fire and be safe with innovated Serta mattress products. In fact, it was the first to introduce such feature in the US in 2003.

Serta mattress makers were also the first to offer the Perfect Night mattress that has: a special inner spring feature that follows the contour of the human body and applies 63 percent of needed support accordingly, a temperature-regulating feature that adjusts Serta mattress temperature to the prevailing temperature, and a wood frame that has 4 times the durability of ordinary bed frames.

Serta mattress may also come with Comfort Quilts. This quilt is a network of fibers and complex foams inserted in the mattress. The effect is good circulation that lessens the tendency of the sleeper to turn and toss about on bed. Eggcrate foams were also first introduced as mattress upholstery material by the Serta mattress company in the 1980s.

Product innovations through continuing research is a given in any industry endeavor. Serta mattress manufacturers know this well.

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Are You Bothered Enough Yet By Your Unwanted Body Fat

Do you still see unwanted fat on your body, despite doing one diet after another? If your answer is yes, it is time to do something different. If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will continue to get what you have been getting.

Fat Loss Doesnt Happen By Going On A Diet; Fat Loss Comes Only From Exercise

To achieve fat loss that will be permanent, you must understand certain facts about fat and your body.

Weight gain and fat gain is simple to understand. If you eat more calories than you use, you will gain fat and weight. The extra calories are stored as fat on your body. For every 3,500 calories that you eat and don’t use, you put 1 pound of fat on your body.

Losing fat is not so simple. You would think that if you reverse the fat gain formula, you will lose fat. Unfortunately, this is not the case. You wont lose fat just by dieting.

What Happens When You Diet, But Dont Exercise

Dieting, without exercise, can result in weight loss. Your scales will confirm this. The weight loss will be due to a loss of water from your body and its muscles. You will not have lost fat. When you examine your body in the mirror, the fat around your belly, hips, thighs, legs or arms, or wherever, will still be there. You will notice sagging skin, where your muscles used to be.

On top of that, you can expect to regain the weight that you lost when you come off the diet. Your body will automatically replenish its water level to the level it needs for healthy functioning. Your scales will tell you that you have regained the weight.

It is unfair, I know. But those are the rules your body adheres to.

The Fat Loss Solution

To lose the unwanted fat on your body, you have no choice but to exercise. To make the fat loss permanent, you will have to exercise continually. The more physically active in life you become, the better you will do.

The author recommends that you obtain a copy of the A-Z Roadmap For Effective Weight Loss to help you achieve your fat loss goals. You can get free access to it, for a limited time, by going to this fat burning website.

Which Bedspread Sets are Right for Me?

Regardless of the size of your bed, the decor of your room, or the amount of money that you are willing to spend on bedspread sets, you will need to find the perfect set for your bed, so your goal will ultimately be the same; find the ideal bedspread that suits your needs. We are here to help you sort through the seemingly endless number of bedspread sets, and help you find the one that you enjoy so much that you will want to relax in your bed all day (wouldn’t that be nice?). Unfortunately, you won’t be able to lie in bed all day, but people with the best bedspread sets enjoy the time they do spend in bed a lot more!

So which, out of hundreds of bedspread sets, is the right one for you? There will be many factors to take into account, and we will hopefully clarify any confusion you may have.

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How to Choose Your Bedspread Sets

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The most important thing to consider is size. If you have a King-size bedspread set, but only a double bed, you won’t be satisfied with your purchase. Fortunately, most bedspread sets come in a variety of sizes, so chances are you will be able to find the one you want in the size you need, but always double check the size before purchasing bedspread sets. Something to consider is that there are different sizes depending on where you live. It’s fairly similar to shoes; European sizes are different than North American sizes, and UK sizes are different as well. Just make sure you know which one you are buying!

The second thing to consider is the material of the bedspread sets. You could have the loveliest design in the world, but if it is uncomfortable, it is essentially useless to you, as it will be nearly impossible to get a good night’s sleep. Many different materials are available to suit your needs, and specific bedspread sets are available for those who have allergies, or prefer one material over another. Different materials used in bedspread sets include down feathers, cotton, polyester, satin, wool, silk, and many more.

The third thing to look for when purchasing bedspread sets is the aesthetics of the set. If the bedspread set does not appeal to you, then there is no point in purchasing it. After all, it’s your room! Your bedroom is one of the most private places in your house, so make it exactly how you want it to be by purchasing exactly what you want. We will go over a wide variety of bedspread styles, so regardless of what appearance you want to give your room; we should have something that interests you.

Finally, your budget for purchasing a bedspread set is extremely important. If you don’t have enough money to buy it, the, well, you shouldn’t! That being said, we highly believe in investing in good, high quality bedspread sets, as they will last you for a much longer time than cheaper bedspread sets.

7 Things Nobody Tells You About Successful Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss schemes and diets, people assume that it is a one-cure-all remedy that produces the desired results without conditions. However, this is far from the truth and needs to be put in proper perspective.

There is nothing that works in life without getting it properly situated around personal commitment and the attendant scenario-specific undertones.  You surely have to fulfill your side of the bargain and not all things come right in the perfect sense. Some will say you don’t make omelet without breaking an egg!

That said, one of the easiest ways you can get fit is when you choose to work out and lead a fit life rather than being sedentary. If you don’t have the time, you could opt to set up a garage gym.
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Here are 7 things nobody tells you about successful weight loss:

Weight Loss without Proper Diet is a Fluke

Unless you are suffering from some health condition that makes it impossible to metabolize the food you have eaten, you will inadvertently pile up the calories. This slates the notion that you can eat anything and keep you weight loss on track. Clearly, the most effective and sustainable weight loss programs have a foundation in what you are allowed to eat.

Irrespective of the exercise or measures that you take, following a disciplined eating habit is a vital additive to the weight loss plan that will be effective. People are easily drawn to the promises of a dramatic result but it is human nature to seek an easy escape route. You need to shoot down that escapist idea and be ready for the hard work and discipline that will make your weight loss goals successful.

The Eat, live and Sleep in the Gym Mirage

One notion that gets trumped by reason and proven facts is that your life must revolve around the gym to enjoy success with weight loss. Nothing can be farther from the truth if empirical evidence is critically examined. In fact, research reports have asserted that you only need an average of 2.5 hours weekly to maintain a healthy weight except you are not keeping to a defined diet.

When you begin your weight loss program you might be drawn to those who are in the gym always without grasping the established groundnorm that is scientifically proven. Any physical exercise or a combination of endurance routines and stretching will just be effective to keep you going.

It is Partly a Mind Game

It is difficult to get results in anything you are yet to wholly accept and this correlates with the difficulties that some encounter when trying to lose weight. As a first step, give your weight loss endeavor a chance in your mind and embrace it.

The psychology end to successful weight loss explains that your mind will negate anything you struggle with and this cannot be disputed. Whether you decide to eventually use a psychologist’s help or not, know that your mind has a role to play.

When you critically review and accept a weight loss scheme, the routines and guidelines aside; your expectations need to tally with your inner persuasions. The earlier you accepted the plan, the faster it will be for the results to show up.

Don’t Beat Yourself

Accepting yourself the way you look is the first step to success in weight loss endeavors. You necessarily do not have to hate yourself or wish you were not the way you are. Struggles are normal to life and it is only when you decide to make the turn that results will be seen.

One thing you can do is to keep pictures of your look and shape at given intervals so that you can appreciate how well you are progressing. You might not be moving fast as expected in your weight loss drive but slow progress is better than none.

Consistency has a way of rewarding humans on earth and you should look forward to achieving your goals as long as you keep the discipline and routines that are expected of you. Take your gaze away from overnight fitness goals and immerse yourself in your specified routines. Expect and push for the best outcome.

Never a Once-off Remedy

Never expect that once you hit the target you set for yourself in your weight loss plan that you can go off your routines and stay fit. The unspoken rule that many people might be ignorant of is that every weight loss plan is a work-in-progress so that you must never lose sight of the demands.

When your body gets adjusted to the routines and discipline to ensure that your weight count is within enviable range, it is easier to just keep at them. The beginning always seems a lot more difficult as it is with many facets of life. You need to persevere and accept that you need the sacrifice in order to keep your fitness.

Perception is Not Always Everything

Perception seems to be everything in today’s world but with weight loss, it is not always so. The mental pictures we have of the overnight weight loss schemes we have been bombarded with over the years somehow gets stuck in our minds.

When you start off on your fitness regimen, it is more likely that in your subconscious, you will have a room for dramatic results. So, even after you are consistently losing the calories week after week, your mind will still fight the fact that you are making progress.

You need to accommodate that while your calorie count will surely drop, your personality and core will remain the same. You might have become a lot fitter, but do not expect a brand new person to step out of your mind’s eye.

Always remember why you set out on the weight loss program in the first place; it was to become fitter and not to reinvent your mind or intelligence. These facets of your life can be worked upon with some other programs but certainly not weight loss!

You Will Eventually Need a Wardrobe Makeover

When you arrive at your fitness peak, you must make room for the fact that you are going to require a new wardrobe. This is nothing like a doomsday scenario but a factual realization you must accommodate. If you have lost up to 10 pounds or more, you must be in fairyland not to expect that most of your clothes will be out of shape when you wear them.

One successful weight loss program featured a man who lost 40 pounds and realized that his waist was down by 5.5 inches. This is surely a lot more space than your belt can easily make up for at any rate. What happens next after this? You need to get new clothes my dear!

How To Lose Weight Fast In Three Easy Simple Steps

You will find hundreds contrary craze diets existing on the market. The situation is of all of these that a obviously functions and keeps the weight off when you are completed losing weight. This essay will exhibit to you a couple of coherent methods on learning how to erupt rotund quick. As shortly as you beginning probing for a diet module a will wish to make positive that a few of the subsequent to discipline will be enclosed in the plan.

The initial need for a great network on dieting for rotund loss is a few type of understanding for bruise burning. Not carrying out an summarized outline many dieters will flop to stay with the program. The reason people will not keep up with it is since many will not see manifest change! And scarce in success now sufficient will normally result in others to apprehension if they’re not conducting the module appropriately. In demand to tumble body rotund takes many many weeks. Dieters cannot hope to remove 10 lbs in a day. Doing this is honestly impossible. A in accord with rate of weight is at many 5 pounds of rotund a week. If you keep this up a may be lean in a few months! What the situation is is that people wish the fast way out.

Okay, the initial key for easy weight on fire is shortening your calorie intake. One can not accomplish weight loss if the amount of food eaten every day stays the same. To be able to strew the pounds you need a tiny deprivation. As a norm, immoderate 500 calories reduction on a every day basement may work.
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One more prerequisite for rapid weight loss is earthy activity. Choosing not to do training, you can’t hope is to surplus flab to tumble as fast as it could. Working out aids your body erupt fat. The more you work out the faster weight you will lose. The disparity from success and unwell in a network on how to remove rotund rapid is the changeover. If you rapidly change from having processed calories to eating truly rational dishes it may not stick. You will work for it for a day but finally stop. A answer is this is do not burst in to a new weight loss plan. Alternatively, continually cgange your practices. Losing weight is all around creation variations on your routines to complement shedding the pounds.

Diet, exercise, and glycogen levels

It seems that, these days, people are willing to do whatever it takes to lose their excess body fat.

Coincidently, there is no shortage of diet pills, miracle diets, and over-hyped exercise equipment that caters to a desperate crowd. Not only are these “fad” solutions expensive, for the most part, they’re also fairly ineffective.

If you’re serious about losing body fat, you’ve got to get back to basics and look at the type of food you’re eating and the amount of exercise you’re getting. When it’s all said and done, a proper diet and exercise routine will do more for you than just about anything.

Not only that, but any progress you make is likely to be permanent.

Here are a few things to consider when losing body fat:

Diet – in order to lose weight, you’ve got to burn more calories than you take in. Simple, yet most people fail to grasp this important concept.

Of the calories you do consume, try to cut down on carbs (especially simple carbs).

In the evening, you should try to avoid eating carbs altogether.

Weight training – it’s no secret that the more muscle mass you have, the more fat your body’s going to burn. For every extra pound of muscle you manage to develop, you’ll end up burning 30-50 calories, even at rest.
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Cardio – the optimum environment for fat burning is before you eat. Your glycogen levels are low and this is the ideal time to do your cardio exercises.

Essentially, you’re going to get more bang for your buck.

Ideally, you should exercise before breakfast when your glycogen levels are at their lowest.

Weight training also depletes your glycogen levels.

Therefore, doing your cardio after weight training is perfect for more efficient fat loss.

Fat loss really comes down to proper diet and exercise.

There is no secret or magic pill, regardless of what advertisers would have you believe.

Once you get it, prepare yourself for some real results!

How To Shed Fat And Really feel Fantastic Performing It

Do you want to lose weight? If you happen to be like most folks, you possibly need to lose a number of pounds. It really is nothing to be ashamed of, you just have to uncover some successful techniques to slim down. Right here are a number of attempted and true ideas to aid you lose the weight you want to lose.

Make sure to not skip any meals when making an attempt to lose weight. Skipping meals can put your physique into a unwanted fat-storing state and will make it harder to burn calories throughout the day. Make sure that your meals are nutritional and wholesome and that will keep your physique burning calories, all day lengthy.

Instead of entirely staying away from your favorite guilty pleasure, enable by yourself to partake in only a more compact-than-standard quantity. Trying to deprive by yourself of your single best culinary joy is a rapid way to curb your nutritional enthusiasm and build resentment toward a newer, more wholesome lifestyle. By enabling by yourself some semblance of your formerly indulgent diet, you will be far better prepared to stick with your new plan.

It is critical to recognize that there will often be setbacks in weight loss. You will not be in a position to lose weight each and every single day. Some days your physique could retain water or your metabolism could not have burned as swiftly that day. It does not imply that you really should give up on your weight loss goal. For more tips on this, I advice you watch This Video.

To keep from pigging out at dinnertime, drink a large glass of water before each and every meal. The water will aid you feel a tiny fuller, which will motivate you to eat significantly less. It really is critical for anybody making an attempt to lose weight to drink tons of water, and having a glass prior to meals is a fantastic way to eat much less.

Running is an activity that is a fantastic instrument when making an attempt to lose weight. Running burns several calories in a short quantity of time, and will also aid to develop your metabolism. Go for a run outside, and shell out focus to the gorgeous scenery around you. Before you know it, you will have worked up a great sweat, and burned ample calories to aid in your weight loss procedure.

To remain motivated while losing weight, reward by yourself in techniques that are not connected to meals. A modest deal with now and then can be good, but try to get out of the habit of considering of meals as a reward. Rather, guarantee by yourself a new outfit–in your new size!–or a trip to the sea.1 trick to aid you not only to lose weight but will also aid you remain on track on days when you do not feel like following your diet and exercise plan is to enlist a weight-loss buddy. Not only does this give you someone to walk and exercise with, it also offers you help on those days when your resolve to lose weight is weak.

Put an finish to your junk meals habit. This is, of course, simpler stated than done for all of us. Your efforts at any variety of new consuming plan will be foiled if you can not uncover a way to resist the undesirable stuff. This indicates fries, pizza, burgers, potato chips and ice cream. These foods offer you very tiny in terms of nutrition, and are very unbalanced — they have way as well significantly of some thing, generally unwanted fat or carbs or both.

Now that you have some ideas to get you started out, stick to them and get into the practice of being healthy. As you get healthier, you’ll uncover that your physique is not only slimmer but stronger. You can get there with your weight loss if you don’t forget to keep that finish in sight.

Why Are Kettlebells So Effective At Getting People In Shape?

An entire gym in your hand.  “Not a single sport develops our muscular strength and bodies as well as kettlebell athletics,” – Russian magazine Hercules, 1913″

While the quote above is nearly 100 years old, it doesn’t lessen the fact that the kettlebell is still one of the most effective, efficient, fast blasting, muscle building, all-around conditioning tools that you can add to your training arsenal.

Kettlebell History:

While it’s probably older, the first recorded use of kettlebells appeared in a Russian dictionary in 1704.

The Russian name for kettlebells are “girya”; thus a “giryavek” is a kettlebell athlete.

The original kettlebells weight was measured in poods.  1 pood=16kg=35lbs

While the American military conditions its troops using calisthenics, the Russian army uses kettlebells.

Old-school Strongmen often used heavy kettlebells.

Since the kettlebell has been rediscovered, and is heavily used by elite military units, martial artists, moms, and regular joes.

Kettlebell Benefits:



Fat loss (kettlebells can burn up to 1200 kcals/hour)

Lean muscle



Total body work

Trunk (core) workout

Strengthen the posterior chain

Strengthen joint mobility

Kettlebell Physics

Check out the shape of a kettlebell – Yep, it looks like a cannonball with a handle.  Due to the way the hand is offset from the bell’s center of gravity, getting the bell where you want it to go requires ballistic (think “throwing”) force.  It’s this ballistic movement that makes training with a kettlebell so unique and effective.

Delving deeper into this, we have to go back to our elementary understanding of Newton’s Three Laws of Motion:

First Law: Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

Nothing new here, since this applies to any weighted object that is moved through space.  However, what is unique to the kettlebell is that as it’s swung an “external force needs to be applied to it” to reverse it’s motion, over and over.

Second Law: The relationship between an object’s mass m, its acceleration a, and the applied force F is F = ma.

Here’s where it gets exciting (and you thought 6th grade science was boring!) The great thing about kettlebells is that the training load on the body can be varied by the speed at which the force is applied to the kettlebell.  Traditional weight training sees the weight moving in a more-or-less linear, slow to moderately paced movement.  With a kettlebell, we apply quick and violent force on this hunk of iron, then control its return.  Which brings us to…

Third Law: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

When you swing (or snatch, or clean, etc) a kettlebell, the forces produced have to be controlled and eventually reversed with an equal amount of force.  This basically doubles the training load and engages the core and you struggle to to stabilize your body.

Now you see what makes kettlebell training so effective.  In short, kettlebell force is produced by the legs and hips, driven through the core and controlled by the shoulders and arms.  In other words, you hit dang near every part of your body in every single movement.

On buying your first set of kettlebells:

Women should start with 15lbs, eventually buy a 25lbs.  Men should start with 25, eventually buy a 35.  Thus, a couple that trains together could be set for awhile by getting 15, 25, and 35 pound bells.  Obviously, as you get stronger, you can buy greater weights.  However, there are plenty of ways to vary the training loads on kettlebells without having to move up in weight.  Herein lies another benefit, your financial outlay is much less for an awesome piece of kit that you can take anywhere.

Why train with kettlebells?

Kettlebells deliver extreme all-around fitness, and it’s arguable that no single other tool does it better.  It can effectively replace: barbells, dumbbells, weight vests, bars, medicine balls, grip devices, and cardio equipment (cardio is boring… grab a kettlebell).  In addition, kettlebell lifts demonstrate the amazing ability to right size your physique.  Thus, if you’re overweight, kettlebells will melt fat and lean you out.  If you’re skinny, they will pack fit and muscle onto your frame.  Indeed, the Kettlebell is a powerful tool for fixing your body composition, whichever way it needs fixing.

That said, kettlebell training is not something you can do while being distracted or staring at a TV screen.  You cannot just throw a kettlebell around or lift it haphazardly.  There are specific postures and skills required for safely and effectively working with kettlebells.  Make sure you work someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

Appetite Suppressant Water

Some people try to hard to lose weight and appetite suppresant water,appetite suppressant water pills and water additives may help. They sometimes try several diets at once, creating a situation where they actually gain weight. They may exercise too much, creating a situation better dealt with by the emergency room rather than the weight room. This is not to say that a good diet and some exercise are bad for you, in fact it is heavily advised for anyone looking to lose weight, but that there may be a surprising ally in water and appetite suppressant foods.

Can water help you lose weight?

As an appetite suppressant water has a lot going for it. Water is something that you should be drinking a lot of anyway; eight glasses of water is almost required for normal people. If you do a lot of exercise, you may want to drink more, and possibly add some salt to it to replace lost salt.

Although other drinks may be substituted, water should always be the default. However, like every other liquid one can drink there are a number of pluses and minuses. It is just a matter of debating if those work for you and your weight loss program.

Although it works great as an appetite suppressant water does have one issue to be wary of: too much. It is possible to reach toxic levels of water in a system; once the level goes past a certain point, the body starts shutting down and coma and death become possibilities. However, it takes some serious work to reach that point, and is unlikely to even be an issue for most people. If you use any of the vegetable soup or purification diets, you may be in danger of water toxicity, but as long as you watch how much water you drink you should be okay.

So how does water help with weight loss?

Timing is everything with water weight loss. Drinking it with a meal actually tends to allow you to eat more, increasing your caloric intake. However, drinking a large glass ten minutes before a meal actually decreases the caloric intake by 75 to 90 calories. (In order to determine how many calories you need a day, assuming an active lifestyle, multiple your target weight by 15 to determine the number of calories you need daily.) As an appetite suppressant water can be very effective; a glass before eating can suppress the need to eat completely, making it very effective as a way to control your appetite.

Another option is to drink ionized water. For those that do not have access to a water ionizer, combining 1.5 liters with the juice in half a lemon for the same effect; just forget the sugar and you will be okay. Green tea is another good appetite suppressant, if you need a good substitute for water. Nonetheless, as an appetite suppressant water has a lot to recommend it, as it is easy to keep around, and can be ionized quickly if so desired. Thus a drink of water before a meal can be a great thing, and keeps you healthy all day as well.

Some other appetite suppressant water available are dexatrim water,hoodia water and hydroxycut water. We will try and add some reviews of these products in the future.

Body Transformation: Giving My Body Justice!

My name is Christopher Papas. I’m from New Jersey living in Myrtle Beach. I work at an animal hospital, and recently got into meal prepping for bodybuilders and bikini models with my friend. I am going to school for criminal justice.

I was a quiet and shy kid. I always kept to myself and didn’t make many friends. Once I started middle school my only friends were my cousins. I would eat by myself and walk home by myself. Sure enough because I was always alone I started to get picked on. People would make fun of the way I looked, kids on the bus driving past me when I would walk home would either spit on me or throw things at me. My grades started to suffer because my depression led to me always play video games. I would spend anywhere between 6-12 hours a day playing games. Needless to say, my figure suffered.

The day I found out I was moving to Myrtle Beach was the day I wanted to change. A new start for me. Of course I didn’t start working out right away but I tried to make friends. 3 years before I even considered the gym but that was for football practice. I ended up quitting that because I couldn’t keep up. My confidence and my self-esteem was very low. After 3 years, I decided to try to hit the gym with a few of my friends. We started just to say we workout. But once I started seeing results, I got addicted. Working out become my safe haven. The gym has completely changed me. From being the quiet, shy and embarrassed kid, I am now outgoing and loving the body I worked so hard for. I even just recently got my personal training certification so I can help people become more confident and help them reach their goals.

At first I didn’t diet at all. I just ate what I want, then I realized the importance of it. Now I usually have either oatmeal or egg whites for breakfast, a banana or brown rice and tuna for lunch, and protein shake and chicken breast for dinner. The only supplement I take is pre-workout and I’m currently on Razor 8. My exercise routine by day is chest and tris, back and bis, legs, shoulders, cardio and abs, just chest, just back, just arms, shoulders, legs, and then cardio and abs again. Then repeat. It’s an 11-day cycle.

This is definitely just the beginning! In the future, I see myself helping people not only to improve their physique but also help them become a better person. I want to be an inspiration and motivate people to always try their best. I also want to see myself on a cover of a fitness magazine and I want to compete! I want to accomplish so much but I know it’ll all take time. I know I’ll get there one day.